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Switching Discord Servers
 Zaptue •   2 days ago •  12



We are switching Discord servers to a better one. Reason why is because there a more features there than we have on our discord server.

Here is the discord link


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Kaif Release Date!
 Zaptue •   4 days ago •  12


Me & Nixxom decided to release the server on May 25th. Make sure to mark your calendars.

The server is about 30% complete. Thank you SO SO much to Bastian for helping like hell on the server.

We're still fixing the way to join the discord on our website. We got the users online working. 

We added hella forums for different topics on the forums.






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Kaif is now back up!
 Zaptue •   18 days ago •  77



as you may know, Nixxom quit the server meaning he did not pay for the server. So the server went down for 3 months.


I and Nixxom decided to bring back kaif with a couple of exceptions.


1st. There will be no staff, it is just going to be me and Nixxom controlling it.

2nd. We are only paying for the server for now. We will NOT be paying for 3rd party services to make the server better.


Although everything will be the same.  The Discord server will be released soon. So watch the forums for any news about the discord server and the MC Server. 

Update: The discord server is...

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Rules & Information
 Zaptue •   3 months ago •  213

Getting Started :

[ 1 ] Do /kit starter to receive a pickaxe which you can use for mining

[ 2 ] Go to /lands wild to begin your adventure

[ 3 ] Gather wood

[ 4 ] Sell your blocks using the command /sellhand

[ 5 ] You can check your rankup progress doing /ranks

[ 6 ] When it hits have the money use /rankup to rankup

[ 7 ] Now you will be able to go to get extra perks!

[ 8 ] Continue this as much as you want

[ 9 ] Higher ranks = higher perks!




Creating A claim :

[ 1 ] Do /lands claim to create a plot

[ 2 ] Build whatever you want on your claim (except casino's or other scams)

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